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There are times when people need extra support as they make key financial decisions or establishing their plan for financial freedom. At such times it's critical to turn to someone without a vested interest in their decisions. Ted's approach is to both provide advice and empower clients to take full control of every aspect of their finances.
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Updated Investment Market Advice

I’ve updated my investment market evaluation and advice that I maintain for each of the six major investment markets.

The Education Revolution has Arrived! How About a Masters Degree for $7,000 and Dropping?

I said a full scale education revolution is coming and that "education is going to be taken over by the internet, and the quality it will deliver will be nothing short of stunning...The cost of higher education will reflect these changes. How about a full four year college education for say $5,000 or so? Pretty amazing, no?” Well, it’s here--the future has arrived! Georgea Tech, one of the top 25 universities in the world, made waves last week in business and higher education with an announcement.